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We treat clothes by their merit and quality.  Whatever the type of clothes such as linen, white’s, upholstery, carpets, and rugs- we treat them separately. Try our services once and we know you will stay with us!

Package or piecemeal

Your choose The type of service

From ₹ 20 per shirt

Shirt Service

₹ 25 per kg

Laundry Service

From ₹ 20 per item

Dry cleaning

Shirt Service from ₹ 20 per Shirt


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Dry Cleaning Services

Steam Ironing

Hot water wash

  • All Shirts 15
  • Pants, Jeans, Skirts 25
  • Sweaters 65
  • Tie, Scarf 55
  • Coat, Heavy Jacket, Dress 105

Premium wash

  • All Shirts  25
  • Pants, Jeans, Skirts  35
  • Sweaters 75
  • Tie, Scarf 65
  • Coat, Heavy Jacket, Dres125

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Dry Cleaning Services

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Office Special

20% off

Check our corporate packages for hotels, hospitals, schools, factories and colleges.
We have a separate package for Defence personnel too.

Winter Savings: 4 X standard items cleaned for 180
2 X Coats cleaned for 160